Uncertainty and Possibilities

We always try to predict the future. We planned our future, accordingly to how we are “supposed” to live in a couple of years and even how we are “supposed” to live the rest of our lives. Assuming, that we’ll be the same person … forever.

But the truth is, we change. Nothing is static, the world is not static, life is not static. And yet, in our minds, we create an illusion of a “being” static. We envision ourselves in the future, without considering that we won’t be the same person when these days arrive.

Every day we change, every day we make decisions based on the present. So, living or trying to live with “certainty” can be counterproductive, because it represents that we’ll start living on a set of rules that were determined in the past. Thus, we began to limit our present by notions that were created in the past.

I want to clarify, I’m not talking about not set goals but how to carry them out. We should question every day if those goals are still part of our present. If we still believe in them, if they still are aligned to our “present.”

Therefore, I believe that it’s important to set goals. But if those goals, circumstances, relationships or situations are not suitable for your present energy or greater good today, it is essential to adapt or change them to suit your current situation.

Thus, for example, you were saving money for many years because as an adolescent you wanted to buy a sports car. With time and when you have the amount of money, your interest is no longer in sports cars and you realized that you are in fact more attracted to another type of car. Why will you buy the “sports car” anyway? You can use that money to buy something that is more suitable for that moment, for today. Therefore, setting the goal was important because it allowed you to get the money. But you are not limiting your current “you” or “self”, for something that you wanted in the past.

So, ask yourself. Because every time you ask, you put yourself in a position of multiple possibilities. Multiple outcomes, infinite results. Don’t limit yourself to the past. Live in the question, embrace uncertainty, open to possibilities. 

Remember: the past and the future are illusions. The only thing that exists is the present.


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