Responsibility and Freedom


Everyone seeks freedom. Economic freedom most of all. And money is freedom to some extent. But in our pursuit of this freedom sometimes we forget one single thing that is essential to acquire it, responsibility.

And when I refer to “responsibility”, I don’t mean the most obvious things, like paying our bills on time. But also on taking the whole responsibility for ourselves. As the only agents who can change our circumstances.

It is easier to blame “the system”, “our family”, ” our boss”, “our country”. Those are excuses to justify a situation that we don’t want to be responsible for.

But the first step to becoming free is to start taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives: health, money, relationships, etc. etc. Why would we want to give someone or something else the power to control a situation that can be in our hands? Why do we want to give power to a system or a person to be in charge of our condition?  We can’t change other people or external circumstances, but we can change the way we interact with them. And if it’s impossible to deal with, we can decide to leave them.

But it’s easier to blame, to justify and not to be in charge. So it’s important to understand that freedom and responsibility are related.  Because the degree of our freedom depends on the amount of responsibility we are willing to accept.

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