Female and male energies


Certainly, there is a difference between female and male energies, but these differences aren’t understood commonly as what they really are. What do I mean with that? Well, the fact that you are a man doesn’t make you 100% male energy and that if you are a woman, you will have only female energy. In fact, we have both kinds of energies. Male energy is when we act, teach, do, speak, when we approach something and when we give something. The female energy, on the other hand, is the opposite. Every time we learn, receive, listen, or let things “be”, we are approaching with a female energy.

Female and male energies have nothing to do with your sexuality either. Our sexual preferences have nothing to do with it. (Personally, because I believe we can be aroused by any gender regardless of our sexuality). But it has more to do, with how we behave in a relationship.  Passively (submissive), aggressively (dominant)  or striking a balance between both.

This misconception sometimes leads to a misunderstanding of your real self. Some people try to evade some activities, or ways of thinking because they believe that it could demeanor the way they identify with their own gender. “I would look like a woman” A man could say. But my friend, gender is for reproduction,  not to promote some sort of resistance to be the natural “you”.

What I have found, from my personal experience is that we need to balance both energies in our life. And what I mean about that is that we need to learn how to give as well as to receive, we need to listen and speak, we need to learn and teach. If we only embrace one of the two energies, we would be unbalanced. That is the whole idea of the Ying and Yang. To be able to balance both energies.  And not to identify the female or male energy with our gender.


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