Don’t follow your passion

How many times have we heard this? This statement is everywhere because the concept is very attractive and idealistic. Find out what you like, and then make a living out of it. In such a way that, you’ll enjoy your job and live happily ever after. The end

The only problem is, like fairy tales, it’s a fantasy. It’s not going to happen. In fact, it is a paradox and an endless circle. Because every time you start taking a hobby or something you like, in a more “serious” manner, you will be forced to be disciplined. And humans don’t like the discipline by its very own nature. It involves pain and diligence, it takes you out of your comfort zone.

Therefore, you will always try new things end up getting bored. Always with the same mindset: “I cannot find my passion.” So, the truth is: you’ll never, ever find your passion. Because passion is not something that you find, passion is something that is created. Passion is the result of the dominance of a task, becoming good at it.

The mindset here is, don’t follow your passion, but “live with passion” for everything you do. Be passionate about life in general. Instead of pursuing a passion, try to make a passion out of what you are already doing by being good at it. Because in reality, effort makes passion, not the other way around.

I recommend this video:

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