Funny things have happened since I started living abroad.

All my life I made plans for this and that. All my life I tried to have a structure and a road to follow. It gave me some sense of security. I had the conception that being good and obeying would guarantee my happiness and fulfillment. Do this, then the next step and then the other step. But then  I realized I was following rules to please expectations that were not even from me!

I made the choice not to plan so ahead anymore. To be diligent in my today´s duties and let the road unfold.  I know that many will criticize it as it seems like a lack of “commitment” to my future. But, not at all. I actually decided to commit to myself.  I decided to stay still to become aware of the things that really matter to me and the things that work for me. To develop my own set of rules,

rules that make sense to me…

via Daily Prompt: Commit

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