Art isn’t appreciated

I wonder how would this world be if art was appreciated or valued more. I mean, everyone (including myself) pursued “careers”, instead of simply doing what they really enjoy. The system is making of us, machines. What would it take for each of us, to actually pursue what we enjoyed the most? How would this world be? Would it be happier?

I know several artists who will die being anonymous. Not because their art isn’t  appreciated, but because they actually don’t give themselves a chance to explore their “artistic” side. Their art will never be created, yet it exists deep inside of them.

Graffiti is art, journaling is art, writing letters, drawing, cooking is art. Many ways of creating art and yet, this system is taking us into another path. A path where our must intimate side gets undervalued. Where sensibility is no longer a virtue, but instead it is perceived as weakness.

But as I heard somewhere, “Creativity is the purest form of human nature”. Everyone is a creator, everyone is an artist. It’s just a matter of getting in touch with their real self, and art will flow naturally.


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