Addictions and lack of connection

Some time ago I was interested in addictions and therefore decided to investigate. I wondered what was the cause of addictions. If some people were more likely to become addicts? And if that premise was true, what made them more likely to fall into an addiction?

To begin, let’s define what an addiction is. Several definitions induce us to think that an addiction refers only to “drugs”. But when we go further with this term we understand that an addiction is a behavior or interaction with an object that the user cannot stop even if he or she wants to. And this could be “shopping”, “social networking,” “gambling” and many activities that seem pretty “normal”. So, most accurately, I would say that an addiction is an interaction with some external factor that makes us dependent on it. (It can also be thinking about something.)

This distinction is important because it allows us to understand many aspects of the human behavior. And it allows to recognize that we can become “addicted” to many things. We can even become addictive to other people.

Now, where does this “need” to be dependent on an object or behavior comes from?  This need comes from the lack of connection that the person is having with the outer world. People requires connection with his or her environment and him/her-self to be in peace, to stop overthinking, to be mentally sane, to be in the present.

This connection can be channeled through actions or activities. For example, some introverts find natural to write, paint, etc. etc. For people with a more outgoing personality, they prefer activities that are performed in a group, like a sport.

But when there is no connection to the outside world or a lack of it, the person naturally starts seeking for an interaction, and in his attempt, he falls into the trap of becoming dependent to whatever “relieves him” momentously from this lack of connection. In this case, the person creates an addiction to this other object. It can be a drug or behavior. The person creates a “toxic” relationship with this other object, person, behavior that is bad for his or her own health but can’t stop it.

The answer on how to solve this type of behavior then lies in finding ways to be able to connect with the outside and to be able to channel emotions and thoughts through activities. Like a hobby or a job.

There are different methods to stop different types of addictions.  But the best solution is channeling thoughts and feelings through activities that allow this connection. In other words, to externalize the “self” to the outer world to become one with the “whole”. Don´t escape from the present, be in it.

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