The Colors of Fenway

The colors of Fenway. Since I moved abroad it was hard for me to call a place “Home”, was this new place home? Or was home where my family and friends were? After all those questionings  I came across the phrase “home is where your heart is”. And I realized, home is not a place, home is where you put your love. Home is what you love doing, home is what you enjoy.

For me, this town area in Boston called Fenway was the place I loved. I loved the colors, I love the nature around it, the people. And although I won’t call it “home”, it made me realize, that there is not a place to call home or a place that will make me happy. That is something that is in my heart. Home and happiness are within me, within you.


DSC_0503 DSC_0492 DSC_0488-2 DSC_0467

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