Is there a particular place you always wanted to go to for no particular reason? You wanted to go “just because”. Well, that place for me was Alabama. I do not know why yet, maybe one day I’ll know. A place that not many people are interested in going, maybe because there really is not “much” to see.  I was interested in the feeling left by Alabama more than what had to be seen. What I was going to feel at the moment of being there? Maybe some of you are the same way. You can feel how some places simply transmit sensations. In short, this is a collection of some photos I took when I visited that state in the summer of 2017.

Cabin in National Park “Cheaha”
View from our Cabin.
The sunset viewed from Cheaha Park. 
Some trail at the park. We saw a black snake after taking this picture. It was scary.
The morning view from the park. 
The road.
Towns half way down.
An old country store and gas station. 
Some antique stores in the middle of the road. 
Example of a slave house in “Old Alabama”, Montgomery.

And what can I say about Alabama? It is a sweet place, warm, good food, and very friendly people. It’s one of those places that you visit once in your life and will always remain in your soul.

Sweet home Alabama


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