The 3 layers of the mind

So, I have a theory. Based on what I have read about consciousness, evolution and some philosophy. Maybe this was said by other people, or many people think it too. But I think the mind has layers of evolution.

The way I see it, there are 3 main layers in the human spirit and as we evolve as humans, we get deeper into those layers.

  1. The Reptilian mind
  2. The Rational mind
  3. The Conscious mind

The first one, the reptilian. Most people agree that the first forms of life interacted and lived based on stimulus and instincts. I mean, these forms of life didn´t make any cognitive process on their decisions. They just acted out of instinct. They had no clue what they were doing, they were just trying to survive. Animals still operate through their reptilian mind. There are some animals that have shown some higher level of thinking, but still, they don´t understand the concept of “Time” for example. We all have this reptilian mind too. That´s everytime you eat that chocolate cake, even though you know you are not hungry at all and it will make you fat.

Then, the rational mind. This layer of the mind is where I could tell most of the people are. We created a system through our rational mind and we follow it thru. This system involves almost everything we know: language, how politics work, our manners, how we divide time into days, hours, weeks, etc. etc. The way I see it, civilization is a creation of the rational mind and its something good. The rational mind has helped us understand things using scientific method and technology, solve many problems, evolve. That’s when you say, ” I won´t eat that chocolate cake” 

But, these systems have blinded us. We no longer question the systems. We follow through them forgetting that they were created by humans too, with errors. These systems sometimes don´t work well for everyone. We have idolatrized these systems as Gods,  and we follow without questioning them anymore. And then we ask our selves, why are so many mad people? Why are so many people with these mental diseases? The way I see it, it’s not their fault, its that they can´t cope with the systems, because people are all different and the system is made under the assumption that everyone is the same, just like robots.

The last, the conscious mind. The conscious mind goes beyond rationality. A conscious mind is awareness, intuition. Is knowing things that go beyond our rational mind.  Because we understand that the mind is just another organ, another sense, like the eyes, skin, nose. And they are limited to perceive what they can process. That´s when you are operating beyond your rational and reptile mind and you listen to your body and say  “My body wants sugar, I feel like eating chocolate cake and nothing more”.  Your mind would be telling you “It will make you fat”, but you know it won´t because your body is asking for it, not your mind nor your impulses.

The mind is limited to mental processes and systems. But what about the things that the mind can´t understand? The mind starts to deny them. The mind wants facts, wants answers, conclusions. The mind wants a system because if not, it cannot operate. But there are many things out of these systems, that the mind will never understand. Yet if we identify ourselves with our mind, we will miss them.

I am not saying by any means that the mind isn´t necessary. Becuase it is. Rationality is necessary to quantify data and systems are necessary to a certain extent. But what I am saying is that there are realities that go beyond the mind. And identifying ourselves with our mind kills the multiple possibilities and realities that exist. We kill our possibilities and realities. Intuition is something that can´t be explained by our rationality yet most people have experienced. And like this, there are many other realities that we could be missing, just because our brain is denying them.

What is out there that we unconsciously deny?

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