What we resist, persists.

It´s funny how many times we have tried to overcome something yet it seems impossible for us. A particular habit, a situation, a person, a fear, a way of thinking. Some want to lose weight, for example, others to quit smoking,  and others simply to let go of their past. Yet the more they try, the more they are trapped in it, like if they were trapped in quicksand.

I have tried to quit many things too, to let go many things. Yet, what I have found from what I´ve read and from personal experience is that the more we focus on something, the harder is to get rid of it. We believe the more we think about “getting rid of it” it will change or disappear. And the truth is, it happens all the way around. Becuase by thinking of it, we are actually resisting it.

But if we try to not think about it, get busy with some other thought or activity, one day we will say “Wow, so much time has passed”.

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